Biden and Trump face off in first 2024 presidential debate

Biden and Trump face off in first 2024 presidential debate

CNN will air a debate Thursday between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, the first face-off between the two in their fierce battle for the White House.

Only Trump and Biden will take to the stage after third-party candidates, including independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., failed to complete the voting and ballot requirements by the June 20 deadline set by CNN.

The controversy comes as Trump has stepped up his campaign since the conclusion of his hush money trial in Manhattan last month, holding frequent rallies and canvassing for donors in battleground states. The Biden campaign has also stepped up its attacks on Trump, running a major ad campaign in battleground states and highlighting his status as a “convicted felon.”

Trump comes into the debate on the heels of a series of polls showing his lead slipping following the conviction, but polls in seven key battleground states – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada – show him ahead of Biden, who won all of those states except North Carolina in 2020.

CNN anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper will moderate the debate.

What are the rules?
There will be no studio audience during the 90-minute debate. Both candidates will stand at a podium, with Biden winning a coin toss to place him on the right side of the viewers' screens. Trump won the coin toss and will deliver the final closing remarks. The candidates' microphones will be turned off when they are not speaking, and they will not be allowed to interact with staff during the two commercial breaks.


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