Biden admits he "had a bad night" and vows to prove he's up to the task of being president

Biden admits he “had a bad night” and vows to prove he's up to the task of being president

President Biden faces a critical period in which he must convince both the American public and his own party that he is still the best choice for 2024.

“I had a bad night,” he said during an interview in Wisconsin, acknowledging that his debate performance was weak but that he was ready for the fight.

“But I learned from my father: When you get knocked down, you just get back up – we're going to win this,” Biden said.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks with President Joe Biden during the Independence Day fireworks display over the National Mall from the balcony of the White House, Thursday, July 4, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

At a meeting with Democratic governors where he sought to solidify the party's support, Biden acknowledged that he needs more sleep and should avoid scheduling activities after 8 p.m. He also mentioned that he had been examined by a doctor for a cold since the debate.

Following this meeting, California Governor Gavin Newsom went on a campaign tour in Michigan to express his support.

“Joe Biden, our president, has said he's all in,” Newsom repeated. “And not only that, I'm here with you to prove it.”

David Brody, CBN's chief political correspondent, says that while some Democrats remain behind Biden, the dam has clearly begun to break.

“Even though Biden says, 'I'm in and I'm going to stick it out to the end,' you hear some Democrats say, 'He's fine, he just had a cold, it was a little jet lag.' The problem is the Biden campaign has a trust problem,” Brody said.

Three Democratic representatives – Lloyd Doggett, Raul Grijalva and Seth Moulton – are calling on Biden to drop out of the race.

“I hope he puts the country first,” Doggett said. “I know Trump would never do that, but I hope he puts the country first and decides to step down.”

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Instead, Biden has a busy schedule of campaign appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in the coming days to show that he is up to the task.

On Thursday, he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the current status of negotiations with Hamas over a hostage release. The president welcomed Netanyahu's decision to send negotiators to work out the details.

Meanwhile, former President Trump posted a video on Truth Social in which he sharply attacked the president and Vice President Kamala Harris, calling Biden a “collapse” and claiming he drove him out of the race.

“That means we have Kamala, she is so bad – she is pathetic,” Trump said.

In another attempt at damage control, Biden will meet with ABC's George Stephanopolous for his first one-on-one interview since the debate, which will air on July 5.


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