The Benue State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has vowed to use all legal means to regain the governorship which it believes rightfully belongs to the party.

The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja on Monday dismissed the appeal of Engr Titus Uba, the governorship candidate of the PDP, and the tribunal affirmed the selection of Governor Hyacinth Aria of the All Progressives Congress APC, who won the March 18 election. The judgment was upheld. election.

The party’s spokesperson, Bengba Ioruchom, in a statement on Tuesday claimed that the last election was won by PDP’s candidate Engur Ubah and that he would instruct his legal team to challenge the Court of Appeal’s judgment at the Supreme Court. did.

“It is the party’s contention that, in accordance with current election laws, regulations and guidelines, the Governor’s seat was won by Mr. Engle Johnson in the last election,” he said. Uba was pursued by his defense team in court and in a just-decided appeal.

“The party leadership will consult with its legal team on the best approach to the next steps in the litigation process and urges its many members and supporters to remain confident that justice will be served on the Ministry of Justice petition. I urge you.” Titus Uba.

“PDP believes that democracy is best preserved and that the sanctity of voters’ votes is best preserved by pursuing legal options in case of violations of the electoral process, as the APC did in the 2023 governorship election. I believe it will preserve the water better.”


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