Benue government insists in community that demolished house does not belong to former Governor Apel Aku

Benue government insists in community that demolished house does not belong to former Governor Apel Aku

.Attack on property is barbaric, government says

The Benue State Government and Ion Development Association (YIDA) have debunked a report that the residence of Second Republic Governor Apel Aku was vandalized by Mbaion youths of Gboko Local Council.

Affirming the community's objections is a disclaimer from Governor Hyacinth Arya's office and signed by James Asotar, special assistant on media.

Yesterday, the eight monarchs of the Ion clan and President Over Yong expressed grave concern and dissatisfaction in a statement over the destruction of the mansion of Mr. Comfort, whose husband is a relative of Mr. Aku.

The statement reads: “The council strongly condemns the attack and arson of a house in the village of Adi Agor, reportedly owned by Mrs. Comfort Aku, calling this act callous and alien to the culture and traditions of the Mbaion people. It also condemns reported hostilities against security agencies convened to maintain peace in the region to prevent the situation from escalating.

“The council uses this opportunity to inform everyone of the historic, honest and respectful relationship between Mbaibion ​​and the family of the late Apel Aku. Being an honest man, he did not hesitate to ask the former governor's son, the late Akua Aku, to return to his eight 100×100 plots in the heart of Gboko town, on land that the respected former governor had purchased from Mbaion during his lifetime. Yes, the vendors. The vendors involved Mbaion leaders and voluntarily and willingly handed over the land at a meeting attended by the late Akua Aku with his relatives.”

The council cautioned against sensationalizing the situation and hasty generalizations about the incident, and urged the public to allow security agencies to conduct investigations to clarify the issues surrounding the incident and arrest all culprits. I asked for it.

The state government has revealed that the house destroyed by hoodlums in Gboko area of ​​the state belonged to a relative of the former governor.

The Guardian newspaper summarized that had it not been for the intervention of local police, this inferno would have consumed everyone living on the property.

The late governor's daughter, Deborah Aku, told reporters in Makurdi that six residents of the house were safely rescued and evacuated before the insurgents set the house on fire.

However, the Governor's Technical Adviser on Media, Public Relations and Strategic Communications, Olomon Rolupehu, clarified the ownership of the house in a statement.

Governor Aria described the attack as “barbaric” and condemned the destruction of all property in the state.

“Although the Benue Governor has condemned in strong terms the destruction of all properties in the state, the raided residence belongs to Mr. Ichungu Aku, a relative of the former governor, located in Mbaion near the old Tel Gboko Akaahan. One thing is clear: Adi’s house,” Rorpev added.


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