Angry over BSUDB demolishing illegal structures in Benue GSM village

There was outrage in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, on Tuesday when some illegal shops belonging to GSM repair technicians were demolished by the Benue State Urban Development Board, BSUDB.

BSUDB conducted an exercise to bring sanity to the area, but protests by victims of the destruction necessitated the deployment of troops before peace was restored.

Patrick Akor, president of a phone repair company, condemned the dismantling exercise, saying he had not received any notice from BSUDB.

“This is what we do for a living, and now they are demolishing buildings without notice and we are paying the government the proceeds,” Akor said. Ta.

BSUDB acting general manager Ternongo Mede told journalists that the board held several consultations with the association’s leadership before embarking on the demolition exercise.

He explained that the essence of the demolition was to give the capital, Makurdi, the status it deserves.

Mr Mead expressed concern about how GSM engineers had built structures around transformers, turning them into death traps for themselves and their customers.

The acting GM blamed the previous administration for hiring more than 460 unpaid part-time employees, which caused major problems.

“We have reduced that number to 228, but management is still discussing reducing it to a fairly large and manageable number of 60 staff that can be paid,” Mead said. Ta.


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