Angela Okorie shows injury inflicted on her by former manager as she continues to call him and others out for using her son in extortion scheme

Angela Okorie shows the injuries inflicted on her by her former businessman as she continues to criticize him and others for using her son in an extortion scheme

Angela Okorie also called out her former manager, Chamberlain Emmanuel.

This happened after she called out former PA Leonard Nwodo.

Two days ago, on New Year's Eve, Angela mentioned 5 names and announced that she stopped working with all of them.

Then today, January 2, 2024, she disclosed in an update that they have been extorting people and even used her 12 year old son in their scheme (read here).

She added that her son, also named Chamberlain, told her that Leo, his former personal advisor, told him to tell a victim they planned to extort that he needed a “P5” game.

Angry that they had implicated her son in the scheme, Angela promised to go after them all.

In the last post she shared, she accused her former manager Chamberlain of physical violence and shared a photo showing the mark he left on her neck.


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