Anambra government begins computer test to recruit 3,000 teachers

Anambra government begins computer test to recruit 3,000 teachers

The Anambra State Government has begun conducting Computer Based Testing (CBT) for applicants for the 2023 Teacher Recruitment Examination.

Last year, the state government hired 5,000 teachers for public schools in the state, and announced the hiring of 3,000 more teachers this year.

The test is being carried out with the support of the Anambra State ICT Authority headed by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata.

The agency’s press release, signed by Agbata, said the testing, which began Thursday, was proceeding without a hitch.

“The agency is providing technical support for this process as a government agency tasked with realizing the Governor’s vision of ‘Technology for All and Technology Everywhere.’

“What we are seeing is a situation that provides an environment for the full exploration of technology and the benefits for Anambra people are endless.

“That’s the governor’s vision and that’s what we’re pushing for.

“Applicants will be verified with their national ID card and admit card by the technical staff of the ICT Agency before being allowed to enter the CBT hall for the exam, which will take just 30 minutes.”

The statement quoted ASUBEB Chairman Dr Vera Nkiru Nwadinobi as disclosing that there were over 19,500 applications on the application portal and applicants were divided into groups for the exam.

She said: “The CBT exam is part of the Governor’s strategy to develop digital teachers who will advance the vision of digital schools in the state.

“We cannot have smart schools if teachers are not ICT compliant. Therefore, we need to implement computer-based tests.”


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