AmuwoGames 2023 celebrates female empowerment in sport as women dominate medal tables | Guardian Nigeria News

With outstanding displays of talent and determination, the third week of AmuwoGames 2023 became a celebration of gender diversity and the outstanding achievements of female athletes in various sports.

At AmuwoGames 2023, women actively participated and excelled in various competitions such as volleyball, cycling, chess, Scrabble, drafting, swimming, and 100-meter dash, setting new standards for gender inclusion.

Of this year’s 708 registrants, a whopping 12% were women, highlighting our commitment to promoting equal opportunities for men and women in sport.

This weekend marked an important milestone as the women’s athletes not only competed fiercely but also secured medal spots.

Mile 2 Hawks’ 14-year-old dynamo Fayemi Olowoselu showcased her talent by winning gold medals in both the junior divisions of the Nirvana Water Cycling Tournament and the women’s 100m dash.

Adding to this victory, Rumasou Bello emerged as the only female contestant in the draft tournament, securing third place and a bronze medal for her Festac Elephants team.

Gold medalists Candy Lawrence, Oluchi Eze and Olamma Okoye of the Festac Bulls Volleyball team further demonstrated the excellence of female athletes and left an indelible mark in the winner’s circle.

The 2023 edition of AmuwoGames has entered its final week and several tournaments have already concluded, including Video Games, Smoof Chapman’s 5-Side Tournament, Golden Penny Volleyball Tournament, Snooker, and Belgian Foods Table Tennis Tournament.

The variety of sports and enthusiastic participation made this a truly memorable one.

For the final week, spectators can look forward to thrilling competitions in the Nirvana Water 10km Walkathon, swimming, Perception Technology basketball, tennis tournament and the grand finale, the Football Championship, culminating in the Closing Ceremony on 26 November 2023 can.

AmuwoGames 2023 remains committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for athletes, regardless of gender, and invites everyone to join in the excitement of last week’s events.

AmuwoGames is an annual sports festival held at Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, dedicated to promoting community involvement, sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence in various sports disciplines.

The 2023 edition continues to inspire and celebrate the diverse talent within our community.

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