Akpabio promises legislative framework to address judicial corruption allegations | Guardian Nigeria News

The President of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has promised solid legislative provisions to eradicate allegations of corruption and breaches of integrity in the Nigerian judiciary.

While Mr. Akpabio pledged the National Assembly’s commitment to strengthening the country’s justice system, he noted that the judiciary is often overwhelmed with the task of resolving disputes of enormous proportions, leaving little to do with daily and trivial subsistence needs or means of work. I pointed out with sadness that I was struggling.

In his paper titled “The Role of the Legislature in Preventing Corruption and Integrity Violations in the Judiciary,” Mr. Akpabio argues that it is common for all outgoing judges of each court to lament some of the problems in the judicial system. It pointed out. , All of this is known in advance.

Some of these challenges “manifest themselves in a variety of ways, eroding fundamental principles of justice, undermining public trust, and impeding the sector’s ability to function effectively,” he said.

Mr. Akpabio said that as a lawyer before entering politics, he understands the real situation, including the institutional and legal bottlenecks plaguing the judicial sector.

He added that Congress recognizes that the number of Supreme Court justices is well below constitutional requirements, adding that “it is in the national interest that we immediately initiate and address legal due process.” It’s a problem,” he added. Shortages on the apex court. In this way, Congress is ready to play its role. ”

According to him, there is a unique relationship between the judicial branch and the legislative branch, explaining that while the legislative branch is the collective body of the people, the judicial branch is the people’s last hope.

Mr Akpabio said: “Therefore, we will always seek ways in which Parliament can assist in ensuring that the judiciary remains strong, productive and independent in the interest of Nigeria.

“Tight resource allocation, transparent merit-based appointments and dismissals are some of the steps Congress is stepping up to help restore the judiciary to glory.

“Please also know that fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility is achievable through the continuous training of judicial officers in ethical standards and anti-corruption.

“Educating the public about their rights and the operation of the justice system, increasing the transparency of court proceedings, and making the legal process more accessible and affordable are essential elements.

“Therefore, a bill is being considered to address that absurdity. This bill would address the issue of some cases that ultimately end up in the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court would should only take on cases that the Supreme Court agrees will ultimately end in the Supreme Court.

“These and other progressive steps would have addressed the problem of backwardness in our country’s justice sector.”

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