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Air Force boss approves group accident insurance for service members

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, has approved the introduction of Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAIP) for all members of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

According to Air Force Command officials, this policy aligns well with one of the key elements of CAS Command's philosophy of “maintaining a highly motivated force through enhanced benefits and infrastructure updates.” It is said that there is

Air Force Spokesperson Air Vice Admiral Edward Gabukwet said that while some insurance policies managed by the Ministry of Defense and NAF Investment Limited cover all NAF personnel, there are some dangers they may encounter in practice. He said the issue was not adequately addressed. Human resources career courses.

“Therefore, the need to review and introduce special insurance schemes designed to address these risks and unique challenges has become essential.

“At a brief agreement signing ceremony with KBC Insurance Brokers Limited, an approved insurance broker, held at NAF Headquarters on December 2, 2024, Air Force Commander Abubakar said that under GPAIP, NAF personnel will He said the Air Self-Defense Force would be encouraged to give its best efforts to its mission: ensuring adequate care in the event of disability or death during military operations or in any form of accident;

“He also said that the welfare of NAF personnel remains closely linked to the achievement of his command philosophy as it contributes to boosting morale and maintaining professionalism.

CAS further notes that existing policies need to be continually reviewed to take into account the well-being of military personnel, as conducting military operations exposes personnel to multiple levels of risk with life-altering consequences, including fatalities. did.

“The contract with KBC Insurance Brokers Limited provides for any bodily injury, death or disability caused solely and directly by accidental, external, violent or visible means to any of the insured persons. , and to provide compensation for the payment of medical expenses.

“Furthermore, the scheme provides compensation to the families of personnel who accidentally lose their lives during operations, as well as reimbursement of salaries to the NAF if injured personnel are hospitalized.

“The main difference between the new GPAIP and the existing Group Life Insurance Policy (GLAP) operated by the Federal Ministry of Defense is that, unlike GLAP, only the family of the employee is covered in the event of death and medical expenses are not covered. GPAIP arises from an accident and covers, among other things, medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability and compensation for death, as well as encompasses and benefits the employee, the family of the person at the time of death. ”


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