Agree with Hamas, right decision - Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the national trade ceasefire agreement with Islamic militant group Hamas was the right move.

He said this at a press conference in Tel Aviv, stressing that fighting will continue even after the agreement to exchange Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners is implemented.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed that the fighting will continue until Israel achieves all its objectives.

Up to 100 Israeli hostages and up to 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons could be exchanged.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the return of prisoners was a moral obligation, saying he was doing everything possible to ultimately rescue all the hostages captured when Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,200 people. He said he would take advantage of the opportunity.

Israel counterattacked with artillery and ground attacks, and the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said more than 16,000 people had been killed, although this figure was later disputed.

According to Hamas, the ceasefire will begin at 10 a.m. Thursday (8 p.m. Japan time).

Prime Minister Netanyahu did not say exactly when it would begin, and there was no official announcement about the timing of the national exchange.


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