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AfDB strengthens partnership with CSOs

The African Development Bank (AfDB) said it is strengthening its partnerships with civil society organizations (CSOs) in West Africa.

In a statement posted on its website, AfDB said the matter was considered during the bank's fruitful mission in Ghana.

The mission is focused on advancing the 2024 Action Plan agreement signed in December 2023 between the bank and the West African Civil Society Institute, the statement said.

The mission outlines cooperation in CSO capacity building, resource mobilization, knowledge management and advocacy, the statement said.

“Immediate initiatives highlighted in this plan include finalizing the Bank's civil society engagement (CSE) capacity building program and engaging CSOs to integrate it into banking operations.

“Recognizing that early and comprehensive CSO engagement is essential, this mission emphasized improving the integration of diverse perspectives into bank country strategy documents and country dialogues.

“The cooperation with Afrobarometer includes joint initiatives with the International Budget Partnership to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in the budget field.

“The discussion also featured data and analysis on the Bank's High Five, which focuses on the national experience, poverty alleviation, food access and immigration.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Afrobarometer is a pan-African independent, non-partisan research network that measures public attitudes towards economic, political and social issues in Africa.

According to the bank, Afrobarometer will lead conversations on governance within the CSE Community of Practice (CoP), thereby generating knowledge that will inform the bank's programs on economic and financial governance.

The statement said cooperation is envisaged at major events such as the AfDB's annual general meeting and the 2024 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

He said this would be possible by leveraging Afrobarometer's expertise to enrich discussions and align them with Africa's priorities.

“Meetings with the West African Peacebuilding Network (WANEP) during the mission led to the finalization of the Joint Transition Support Facility III proposal,” the report said.

“The title of this proposal is ‘Sahel Peacebuilding, Reconciliation, Inclusive Development and Empowerment’.

“The exploratory consultations also addressed potential joint initiatives on conflict prevention, mitigation and resilience building in the West African region, particularly the Sahel region.

“Feasibility studies on civil society involvement in peacebuilding are also under consideration,” the report said.

According to the statement, WANEP will lead discussions on vulnerability and resilience within the CoP.

The statement said such interactions will provide insights that can inform the implementation of the bank's 2022-2026 strategy to address vulnerabilities and build resilience.

The report reiterated the Bank's continued commitment to working with civil society to promote inclusive and sustainable development across Africa.


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