AFCON 2023 theme song will live on after the tournament – ​​Producer

AFCON 2023 theme song will live on after the tournament – ​​Producer

Universal Music Africa Executive Director Franck-Alcide Kakoo said on Friday that the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 team songs were designed to last beyond the tournament.

Mr. Kaku said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

According to him, the record company decided to take a different approach of doing something that would outlast its competitors and hence decided to record an Extended Play (EP) featuring various famous African musicians. It is said that he did.

“We wanted to take a different approach to what has been done with anthems at previous AFCON events.

“We decided to treat this like an actual musical project that could soundtrack the contest and outlive the contest.

“We had the whole plan in place since the first quarter of 2023 and with the help of the artists, the African Football Confederation and the local organizing committee, we rolled it out perfectly,” he said. Ta.

He explained that the EP pays homage to the continent's cultural diversity and the warm welcome of the Ebanese land.

Kakoo added that the AFCON anthem is an explosion of rhythm and melody that embodies the unique spirit of hospitality, passion and celebration.

“It is made possible by the incredible artistic talent of the superstar, and this musical work is a soundbox of the cultural richness and melodic generosity of a party-ready continent.

“It was a great experience to bring the artists together and the results were amazing.

“Everyone came together as one team. First of all, we did our part for the project and the competition, just like a soccer match.

“Making the EP was actually easier than I expected. We were lucky to be able to give it a try,” Cakou said.

Commenting on the results of the AFCON national anthem, Mr. Kakoo said that the AFCON national anthem has been embraced all over the world, with people embracing the national anthem and its video more than ever before in the history of AFCON events.

He said music and football could be used to promote a positive narrative for Africa and Africans, noting that football, sport in general, and lifestyle/entertainment are interconnected.

“We are confident that EP will help us expand our global impact.

“Especially on the continent today, the audiences are usually the same, success stories are usually linked, and all industries can benefit from this global story.

“We've seen Roc Nation go from managing artists to adding athletes and women to their roster.

“I believe this is where we are increasingly heading, and Africa is a fertile field for such models,” he said.

According to a report by NAN, the six-song EP features heavyweights in African music including Yemi Alade, Magic System, Didi B, Roselyne, Layo, Serge Beynaud, Kerozen, CYsoul, Vegedream, Ayanne, Kaaris, Josey, and more. It is said that there is

NAN also reports that AFCON 2023 is scheduled to start from January 13th to February 11th.


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