Actress Sienna Miller, 42, welcomes second�child with her boyfriend Oli Green, 27, (Photos)

Actress Sienna Miller, 42, welcomes second child with boyfriend Oli Green, 27, (Photos)

British-American actress Sienna Miller has given birth to her second child.

The 42-year-old actress, who welcomed a baby girl with her youngest boyfriend Oli Green, 27, was first spotted with her new arrival on Wednesday, January 3.

She already has a daughter, Marlowe, 10, from her previous relationship with actor Tom Sturridge, 38.

Sienna's pregnancy was revealed during a beach holiday in August when she revealed her baby bump.

In December, Sienna covered Vogue when she spoke for the first time about her pregnancy and revealed that she was having a girl.

Sienna has spoken openly about her pregnancy and how it was “unplanned”, but admitted she feels “more prepared psychologically” than she did with her first child.

During the rare interview, Sienna said that Marlowe has been looking for a sibling for some time.

Sienna also said that she has been struggling with her own prejudices about being an older mother and needs to learn to stop making fun of it.

She told the publication: “I would love to get to a point where I don't feel the need to joke about being older and having a kid, to show that I'm in on the joke.”

And in a video she filmed for Vogue, Sienna revealed that the pregnancy was unplanned.

She revealed: 'I was very lucky. I wasn't necessarily trying to get pregnant. This came as a complete surprise and biologically it was something I was able to do.

Sienna went on to further address the stigma surrounding pregnancy as an older woman, while battling her own prejudices surrounding the topic.

She added: “I think people are comfortable with a way of life that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal.

“Like me being the older woman partnering with a younger person or being pregnant over 40 and that's an irresponsible poor child and it's double standards.”


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