Actress Laide Bakare is furious as men in police uniforms “drag her under” her vehicle and “drive away with her minor daughter” (videos)

Laide Bakare has reported men believed to be police officers for harassing her and fleeing with her 14-year-old daughter alone in her car.

In a video shared online, the actress is seen shouting at men in police uniforms who stopped her while it was raining.

She questioned why they stopped her alone while allowing other cars to pass.

In the caption, she wrote that the officers dragged her out of the vehicle and drove off with her 14-year-old daughter.

In another video, she invited her daughter to narrate what happened.

The minor expressed how scared she was when the police officers left with her.

Laide added that the police officers did this because they wanted his ATM card to be used to withdraw N70,000.

She did not explain what the money they demanded from her was for or the law they accused her of breaking.

Watch the videos below.


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