Actor Tyrese Gibson requests new judge in divorce case with ex-wife Samantha Lee, claims current one is

American actor and singer Tyrese Gibson is reportedly requesting that a new judge be appointed in his divorce case with ex, Samantha Lee, due to allegations of Superior Court Judge Kevin M. Farmer being biased against him.

The Fast and Furious star, 44, made the request in documents obtained by DailyMail.

The actor stated that he did not agree with Farmer’s handling of the case and claims that the judge suddenly canceled a hearing and ordered him to post $450,000 bail ‘within 10 days in connection with his appeal of an order in The Affair.’

Gibson says he planned to explain during that hearing how he was unable to make the payment because the Hollywood strikes affected his income.

Tyrese, who also tried to have Farmer removed from his case last year, claims the judge canceled the hearing just days before it was scheduled to take place.

Gibson’s lawyers also released a long statement with bombshell accusations against the judge and his ex’s lawyers.

They wrote: ‘This latest injustice committed by Judge Farmer is just one of many actions that suggest there may be something more going on with the Fulton County Superior Court judge. Is there collusion between Judge Farmer and Samantha Gibson’s lawyers, or does Judge Farmer regularly deny litigants the opportunity to be heard?

They also questioned the judge’s ability to remain fair and balanced.

Gibson’s lawyer continued: “Judges must use their authority and discretion to make fair and impartial decisions in the cases to which they are appointed. They must use the authority they have to carefully evaluate the testimony of witnesses and the evidence presented.

“Judges must be patient and allow the parties to have their days in court. Judges must allow each person the opportunity to be heard – to present all the information, evidence and testimony they have, so that the judge can use his discretion to make a fair decision.

Last year, the judge reprimanded Tyrese during his testimony when the actor and singer allegedly responded to Farmer.

At the time, Samantha’s lawyer noted that Gibson had amassed more than $2 million in 2018, despite him claiming to be in financial ruin at the time.

‘I don’t do the CFO thing. Here’s a question for you, smart person,” Tyrese responded, according to TMZ.

However, he was interrupted by the judge, who shouted at him: ‘You don’t ask questions! It is not how it works! The judge also threatened to hold the singer in contempt if he behaved badly again.

Farmer also ordered the star to pay $10,690 in child support to his ex — with whom he shares daughter Soraya.

‘This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, on the child!’, said the judge when announcing the amount of child support.

He also advised both parents not to speak badly about each other in front of their daughter.

The alimony was retroactive to when Samantha filed for divorce in September 2020, meaning Tyrese owed his ex a lump sum of $209,000.

The judge reduced the amount by $46,000, as Tyrese has been paying for Samantha’s car for two years, reducing the lump sum to $169,000.

During proceedings in Fulton County, Georgia, Tyrese also officially became single when the judge granted his ex-wife’s divorce request, according to the outlet. He was also not required to pay Samantha child support.

In December 2020, Tyrese and Samantha announced their separation and divorce – three years after secretly getting married.

At the time, Gibson took to Instagram to release a statement that read, “After much thought, consideration and prayer, we have unfortunately made the difficult decision to officially separate and divorce.”

“Our intention is to continue to be best friends and strong co-parents,” he wrote, later adding, “Our journey together has been a journey of ups and downs, but it’s a journey that neither of us would have chosen to take with anyone else.” .’

In conclusion, he wrote, “We would love to receive your sincerest prayers and respect our privacy at this time as we deal with the reality of where we are.”


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