Access Bank partners with Asolar to power small businesses and communities with green energy solutions

Access Bank partners with Asolar to power small businesses and communities with green energy solutions

Access Bank Plc, in collaboration with Asolar, has launched a green energy solution to address the power supply challenges faced by small businesses and rural areas across Nigeria.

These products include solar-powered televisions, air conditioners, PoS machines, etc., and were launched on Tuesday at the Access Bank branch in Garki, Abuja.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony tagged “Let’s brighten up our communities,” Deputy Managing Director of Access Bank, Mr. Victor Etuoku, said that unstable power supply is a major hindrance to businesses and livelihoods in the country. Stated.

Etuokwu, who was represented by the bank’s Regional Services Manager, Mr. Nneka Adogu, explained that the initiative was aimed at promoting financial inclusion in rural areas.

“This unstable power supply poses a major challenge to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as efforts aimed at promoting financial inclusion in rural areas, which is considered an indicator of economic growth in Nigeria. ” he said.

“Currently in Nigeria, small business owners and people living in rural areas with no or little electricity supply have to pay huge sums of money to procure generator sets, purchase fuel and maintain generators in order to run their businesses successfully. spending money.

“Additionally, in the broader context of financial inclusion, lack of access to electricity is a significant barrier. It is a basic prerequisite for introducing financial services.

“This disparity in electricity access widens fiscal disparities and impedes efforts aimed at delivering banking and financial services to those most in need.

“Through this partnership, we embark on a transformational journey to introduce cost-effective and reliable solar power solutions tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

“By harnessing the potential of solar energy, we are freeing these businesses from the shackles of unreliable power sources and offering a promising alternative to traditional generators that rely on expensive and polluting fossil fuels. We aim to provide the following.

“By providing access to affordable solar power solutions, we strive to significantly reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and foster growth for these businesses.

“The collaboration between Access Bank Plc and ASOLAR is about more than just transforming power solutions; it leverages our Access CLOSA Agent Network platform as a digital payment provider,” added Victor Etuokwu.

In his remarks, Asolar CEO Hakeem Shagaya said the company is committed to ensuring that all citizens across the country have access to reliable and sustainable energy. .

While thanking the bank’s management for its cooperation, Mr. Shagaya noted that this initiative is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals on clean and renewable energy.

“As we embark on a journey towards accessing green energy, let us not overlook the significant impact we have on our environment. This commitment is about more than just lighting up our homes. It’s about lighting the way to tomorrow.

“Solar home systems represent a commitment to environmental stewardship, reducing carbon emissions and making a positive contribution to the global fight against climate change.

“Positive environmental impacts go beyond reducing emissions and include protecting ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and creating a more sustainable and resilient planet for future generations.

Mr. Chizoba Iheme, Group Head, Financial Inclusion, Access Bank Plc, disclosed that the bank has over 300,000 Access agents across the country to facilitate distribution across Nigeria.

The initiative generally aims to provide a lasting solution to the power (light) challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises across Nigeria. Especially those in the countryside. This is primarily expected to foster business sustainability and growth for SMEs across Nigeria.


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