Abia state govt breaks silence on allegations of spending N927m for Governor Alex Otti

The government of Abia State has released the state governor Alex Otti’s announcement that over N900 million was spent on fodder and utility from July to September 2023. On Monday, November 20, rumors prevailed online of claims that Otti had spent N927 million within three months. allowances, allowances, honorary seats, allowances and welfare packages.

A public report released by the Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Kingsley Anosike, described the reports as “a reflection of the wisdom of the opposition to do evil”. He explained that “the costs” are not from the Governor’s office, as was said, but through all the ministries, departments and institutions” in the State.

“Following the publication of the Q3 budget report of the Abia State Government, and as it pertains to transparency, good governance, and fiscal discipline, there is a need to shed greater light on the said report.

This is more so when there are some misleading reports on social media alleging that the Abia State government spent close to N1.6 billion on the maintenance and welfare of the governor’s office, within the period under review.

It is a certain fact that nothing was spent in that country in the office of Governor. This figure is for the whole state, and not for the office of the Prefect, as is erroneously depicted. Said figure covers expenses for special events, such as spiritual practices, conferences and related events.

For the benefit, the Abia state government has spent up to the sum of N397,520,734.84. Fiscal State, Transparency, Accountability and Program Sustainability is a matter for the republic; an initiative of the Federal Government. It should also be noted that the good expenditure covers all Ministries, Departments, and Organizations and not only the Governor’s office, as he wrongly alleged. Expenditures under welfare deal with issues of health, rehabilitation and public needs.

The figure is an aggregation of all expenditure under this head by the 76 MDAs in the state. The way it is presented is not well received and is completely distorted.”

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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