Abia police warn against jungle justice as residents lynch man for allegedly stealing motorcycle

Abia Police Warn Against Jungle Justice As Residents Lynch Man For Allegedly Stealing Motorcycle

The Abia State Police Command has warned residents against taking the law into their hands or resorting to jungle justice.

Spokesperson of the command, Maureen Chinaka, made the call while reacting to the lynching of the father of someone identified as Ikechi Kalu, who was accused of stealing a motorcycle at Ndi Okpo Ihechiowa in Arochukwu Local Government Area of ​​the state in November 2023.

PPRO Chinaka appealed to Abia residents to report any suspected criminals or alleged lawbreakers and allowed the police to deal with the matter in accordance with the law.

She added that some people who turned themselves in to justice in the jungle had already been arrested, saying more would be detained.

Meanwhile, a concerned citizen of Abia, Chief Abraham Amah, JP Ikoro Ukwu, Ihechiowa in Arochukwu LGA, Abia State, has petitioned the Director of the state Department of State Services (DSS) over the murder of Ikechi Kalu.

At a press conference in Umuahia, Elder Abraham, a traditional title holder in Ihechiowa, told journalists that although he does not in any way support robbery in any form, but the inhumane treatment meted out to the said Ikechi Kalu, where he was massacred in full The light seen in a viral video is inhumane and those responsible for this barbaric act must be held accountable.

Gentlemen of the Press, it is with a deep sense of loss and unquantifiable grief that I stand before you today to speak to you about the horrific and senseless extrajudicial and barbaric murder of one Mr. Ikechi Kalu of Ndi Amuwa compound, Ndi Okpo Ihechiowa at Ndi Okpo Ihechiowa village square, Arochukwu Local Government Area of ​​Abia State on November 19, 2023, after he was accused of stealing a motorcycle which was also recovered,” he said.

“The sad part of this crime against humanity is that Ikechi Kalu, a married man and father of one child, was tied up and mercilessly butchered with knives and clubs in broad daylight, under the joyful and watchful eyes of the co-perpetrators who supervised the murder, filming the sad atrocious crime accompanied by voice notes and circulated on the Internet. These videos and voice notes serve as overwhelming evidence against the perpetrators and have been made available to investigators.

“As a Justice of the Peace and conscience of society, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the theft of anyone's property and protect any thief from prosecution and facing the long arm of the law. of individuals taking the laws into their hands to act as prosecutor, jury, judge and executioner in a case that eventually led to the application of jungle justice to an individual without a fair trial and trial in a constituted court of competent jurisdiction

“For days after this crime was committed, the efforts of the village union to report the matter to the police were frustrated by some powerful people in the community who are bent on sweeping the heinous crime under the carpet and allowing the perpetrators to go unpunished. .

“Following my insistence with some like-minded people in the village that this crime should not be swept under the carpet and the perpetrators should be encouraged to look for more prey, threats were made to my life and that of my family by some community members. who even threatened to expel me and my family from my village and burn down my houses. These threats are documented in writing and would serve as evidence in due course.

“Despite these threats, I remain undeterred and will do anything to ensure that the perpetrators of this atrocious crime are brought to justice, because I believe that any murder that goes unpunished takes something away from the safety of every person alive.

“I also believe that when bad behavior is rewarded, it gets worse and the best I can do as an individual and working as a collective with other men of peace and good will is to ensure that this bad behavior is not rewarded by letting it go unpunished.

“I have come here today to inform you, gentlemen of the press, that after a series of consultations with my village people who are against the protection of the killers, I have sent, on behalf of the Ndi Okpo community, a petition to the State Director of State Security Services, Abia State SSS Command, Umuahia, calling on him and the agency to thoroughly investigate, arrest and bring to justice the killers of Ikechi Kalu and bring his soul to rest and serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders of the crime of extrajudicial killings and also bring much needed peace, law and order in Ndi Okpo and the Ihechiowa community at large.

“I appeal to all men of good conscience to join me in fighting for justice for Ikechi Kalu and others who were victims of such barbaric and senseless killings and, above all, to prevent the recurrence of such barbaric acts in the future , especially in Ndi Okpo and Ihechiowa

“I thank the members of civil society organizations, all the sons and daughters of Ndi Okpo and Ihechiowa and the general public who weighed in on this matter to condemn and reject the cowardly act of taking the life of an innocent man in the most horrible, cruel and traumatizing circumstances.”

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