A third of the MLB teams did not mention LGBT pride month on X

A third of Major League Baseball teams did not mention LGBT pride month on social media, as some companies faced backlash from American consumers for their embrace of LGBT ideology.

The Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Guardians, Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres and Texas Rangers didn't mention pride month in their X accounts on Tuesday even though most of them are planning or have held pride events this year.

Pride month is recognized annually by LGBT activists in June, and sports teams often host pride nights to show support for the LGBT movement.

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Many corporations, including sports teams, are changing their profile pictures on social media to incorporate the rainbow colors that came to symbolize the movement. While several MLB teams chose not to do so, the majority of teams in the professional sports league chose to show their support for pride month at one point or another this year.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees recognized pride month in social media posts. In addition to mentioning a proud month in June 1 afterthe Baltimore Orioles changed the team's profile picture on X to a rainbow version of the Oriole logo.

The New York Mets took a similar approach, sending a after on X recognizing pride month while changing the Profile picture to the team logo emblazoned in rainbow colors.

Similarly, the Philadelphia Phillies capped a proud month on June 1 X post changing the team Profile picture to rainbow P and making the cover photo an image of the word “baseball” with the last three letters lit up in rainbow colors that called people to “Be True, Be You, Be Proud.” The Washington Nationals posted a proud month after on the first day of the month and changed the team Profile picture to a rainbow-colored version of its logo.

The Chicago Cubs plugged an upcoming pride night at Wrigley Field on June 17, which included a rainbow-colored version of the “C” that serves as the team's logo. The Colorado Rockies promoted an upcoming pride night at Coors Field on June 15 during the Milwaukee Brewers posted an X thread recognizing pride month and announcing an upcoming pride night.

The Los Angeles Angels promoted its pride night on two occasions, first in a Post from June 2nd plugging the event scheduled to take place the following night and then into a June 4th post thanking fans who attended it.

The St. Louis Cardinals shared pictures of its proud night on June 7, almost a week after signaling its support for the occasion in a June 1st post. The Tampa Bay Radios posted in recognition of pride month June 1 changing its Profile picture to the logo of the team bathed in rainbow colors.

The Detroit Tigers' official X account invited fans to their annual pride night on June 1 after while the Detroit Tigers Community Impact X account showed the team's participation in the Motor City Pride Festival in one after. The team identified ACLU of Michigan Attorney Jay Kaplan of the advocacy group's LGBTQ+ Project as one of its “#PrideMonth Game Changers.”

On June 1, the Pittsburgh Pirates shared a after from MLB's account stating, “Baseball is everybody's game.” The post highlighted the team's presence at the Pittsburgh Pride Parade. Almost a week later, more X-posts documented the developing of a progressive pride flag at the team's stadium and a video featuring the team's staff promoting its support for the LGBT community.

In addition to posting on June 1, the San Francisco Giants promoted an LGBT advocacy group raising of pride flag at Oracle Park by the team changing its Profile picture to its logo emblazoned in rainbow colors.

The Seattle Mariners mascot posted about his presence at the pride parade in his city Saturday. This comes a week after the Mariners reposted pictures from the team's pride day event a week earlier. The M's started the month with a after promoting the occasion. The Mariners Team Store announced this special offers on LGBT-related merchandise would last the entire month.

The Toronto Blue Jays retweeted the MLB's “Baseball is everyone's game” post while sharing a after from a radio station highlighting the pride flag raising at Rogers Centre.

Although a third of teams have not promoted a pride month on X so far this month, most of those teams still plan to host a pride night or day game this year.

The Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox will hold its pride night on June 18. The Boston Red Sox will hold their proud night on tuesday The Cincinnati Reds held a pride night on June 7th The Cleveland Guardians will hold a pride night June 21st. The Houston Astros will hold their pride night on June 25th The Miami Marlins held a Pride at the Park May 31 The Oakland Athletics held Pride Night June 8 The San Diego Padres held Out at the Park incident on April 19. The only team that does not have a pride night or day event planned is the Texas Rangers.

In recent years, some teams and major companies have faced backlash from consumers and religious leaders over decisions that critics believe show an embrace of LGBT ideology.

Last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced criticism from political and Catholic leaders when it invited a queen group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that holds annual Easter events mocking Christ's crucifixion, to be honored at its pride event. The set motto of the group on its website is “Go forth and sin no more!”

Sen. Marco Rubio-R-Fla., questioned why the Dodgers awarded “a group of gay and transgender drag performers who intentionally mock and degrade Christians.” Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League, called SPI “an obscene anti-Catholic group.”

A 2023 Bloomberg survey found that “references to 'Pride Month' in filings, presentations and transcripts from April to June at more than 900 of the largest U.S. companies fell nearly 40% from this time last year.” The decline in references to pride month in corporate America constituted “the first decline in five years,” Bloomberg reported.

In 2023, the retail chain Target lost billions in market valuation amid an outcry over its LGBT pride collection and “tuck-friendly” swimwear designed to make it easier for trans-identified men to hide their genitalia while wearing women's swimwear. Target's stock price continued to suffer until early fall when it began to rise again.

Bud Light also faced huge criticism for partnering with trans-identified influencer Dylan Mulvaney last year, which led to boycotts by Kid Rock and country music stars John Rich and Travis Tritt.

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