Marriage of 2 adults who can

A marriage between 2 adults who can't talk to each other on the phone is a union between two enemies deceiving each other

That's what you think, your opinion but not the truth, I've been happily married for 22 years, I'm 42 and my husband and I don't care about each other. phone that is not your endpoint. I have a friend who spent hours going through his now ex-husband's phone and didn't know his husband had another phone in the office for the girls 🤣🤣🤣, now they are divorced and his ex-husband is married to one of his girls side. If you think going through each other's phones is a sign of love and trust, you are unwise.

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How funny is it that a man would be so irresponsible to have a separate phone in the office for secondary girls? He better marry the secondary girl as they can continue sharing STDs and HIV together because this man will continue to cheat. There's nothing wrong with having access to your spouse's phone. My husband and I have each other's phone passwords, but we still respect the other person's privacy and that's how we've done it for 19 years. Having access does not mean snooping and monitoring the other person.

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I love this for you, however the poster said “if you CANNOT use each other’s phone”, which means it shouldn’t be a problem if one partner wants to use the other’s phone. She didn't say partners should read each other's phones or do it all the time. Your husband may not mind you reading his phone (so you CAN), but the fact that you chose not to is absolutely your prerogative and your way of showing that you trust him. I believe she is referring to those partners who vehemently refuse to let you look at their phones (and may even get upset about it)… I could be wrong, but that's just what I think.

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