A man whose peace of mind is important should date younger ladies - Nigerian man says

A man whose peace of mind is important should date younger women

This same ewu ara is also among the goats on Queen Mitchel's page, choking on the fact that women are greedy gold diggers for seeking out older men. Ndi ikom mgbagwoju anya. Those of you who are like that, are you a bunch of confused goats or what? You insult a woman for wanting an older man and then come and lecture her about how an older man should like a little girl. What do you really want? So your outrage at Queen Mitchel's marriage to an older man is just sour grapes because what she did is exactly what this goat is preaching and what the common Naija man wants. Look at the insults the poor girl received, and her husband is even a widower, so this is not a secondary old man issue. What about your wife's peace of mind? Here's a secret: she'll simply find a younger man to give it to her. Ladies, if you want peace of mind and your man is as foolish as this confused goat, just invest in yourself and try to see him as a topping on ice cream – delicious, sweet and good to eat, but if there is no topping there, the Life goes on and it's still sweet. You still have your ice cream: you.

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