Man sues father-in-law over wife who cheated before their wedding ceremony

A Zimbabwean man known as Maxmillan Tapiwa Kondowe got his father-in-law, Charles Bandera, to take a significant sum of US$2,700 as a dowry price for his new wife.

Kondowe filed the lawsuit after he learned that his fiancée was involved in an affair and surrounded him before the wedding ceremony. He paid a bride price for Shumirai Bandera in March 2021, but the agreement was countered by the bride’s father, demanding that he not live with his wife until after the solemn wedding ceremony.

Two months later, Kondowe came across compelling evidence, WhatsApp messages on his wife’s phone, showing her involvement with another man.

An exercise followed, in which she allegedly confessed to her infidelity, suggesting Kondowe to end the marriage and seek a full refund of the lobola.

Bandera, upon the sergeant’s summons, failed to present his defense, resulting in a failure of judgment against him. Later, he wanted to overturn the decision, alleging that the magistrate had jurisdiction and the defense system.

Legal complications such as Bandera’s have sought, meanwhile, to stay the execution of the default judgment, which was dismissed by the civil court. This challenged Bandera to the High Court, obtaining a temporary suspension of the execution of the judgment until a formal hearing was held.


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