A doctor who exposed trans procedures at Texas Children's Hospital faces 10 years in prison

Eithan Haim's legal defense fund has raised over $668K

The US Department of Justice unsealed the four-count indictment against a doctor who could face 10 years in prison after blowing the whistle on the largest pediatric hospital in the United States for allegedly prescribing puberty blockers to minors despite claiming otherwise.

Dr. Eithan Haim, 34, a surgeon at Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) in Houston, was slapped with four felony counts earlier this month after he “obtained personal information including patient names, treatment codes and the attending physician from Texas Children's Hospital (TCH). ) electronic system without authorization”, according to DOJ press release.

Haim reportedly leaked such records to journalist Christopher Rufo last year because they exposed the “sex affirmative services” allegedly still performed on minors at the hospital at the time, even though the hospital. told the audience it paused such proceedings.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton earlier issued a formal opinion in February 2022 that labeled some sex-change procedures and the use of puberty blockers as “child abuse” under Texas law, after which Governor Greg Abbott. gave an order instructing state agencies to investigate them as such.

The six-page indictment released by American lawyer Alamdar Hamdani and reported by National Review claims that Haim went to the press instead of the proper authorities inside the hospital.

Last May, within 24 hours of Rufo publishing a story in City Magazine based on Haim's leak, the Texas Legislature passed SB-14, which made such procedures for minors illegal in the state effective September 1, 2023.

GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law last June.

Rufus' story also motivated Paxton to launch formal investigation in TCH. The CEO of the hospital, Mark Wallace, later issued a statement promising to finally shut down the juvenile facility's transfer procedures by the time the law went into effect.

Rufus noted in a later article last June that the information Haim leaked to him redacted key personal information, but the indictment alleges the records withheld dates of service, diagnosis, procedure codes and physician names.

Assistant US Attorney Tina Ansari, the DOJ's lead prosecutor in his case, who also signed his recent indictment, showed signs of bias and went after both him and his wife, his lawyers alleged in. a letter sent to members of Congress earlier this year.

Ansari allegedly described transition procedures as the “last hope” for some families and pressured Haim to avoid criminal prosecution by confessing to a crime. She also reportedly claimed that it was not Haim's job to expose the trans procedures at the pediatric hospital and used a personal cell phone to communicate with Haim's lawyers.

“These people are corrupt,” Haim told The Christian Post in January. “And the only way to reveal it is not to play in this Kabuki theater, how these people are practitioners of justice. Because if we collude with them, we would be sanctioning our own destruction.”

“Because these people are just petty tyrants and neurotic bureaucrats,” he added. “And that sums it up, these people are simply bullies. When you're scared, when you're scared, that's when they're most effective. So to be scared and scared is to seal your own death sentence.”

that of Haim legal defense fundwhich has a goal of $1 million, raised more than $668,000 as of Tuesday.

Source: www.christianpost.com

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