65-year-old woman who went to Mexico for skin-tightening surgery wakes up

An American woman who went to Mexico for skin-tightening surgery has told how she woke up to find doctors lifting her job in a book and playing with Brazilians.

A woman named Kimberly McCormick, 65, returned to the Mexico Bariatric Center six years after successfully undergoing weight loss surgery. But this time, she awoke from a hand with a breast enlargement and tusks that she hadn’t asked for.

McCormick had returned to a Tijuana hospital to undergo several procedures to remove 90 inches of excess skin following his 150-pound weight loss.

The surgery costs only $13,000 in Mexico, compared to more than $50,000 in the US

US doctors now say McCormick will have to pay the ballpark figure of $75,000 to pay for the damages done in Mexico.

He said he woke up in the hospital and realized something had gone wrong with one of his lungs collapsing under that side.

‘A leg lift, an arm lift, a chest lift, and a tummy tuck, all planned and ready to go out,’ he said, referring to the surgeon’s marks that were supposed to be altered on the body.

I went into surgery at four o’clock in the afternoon. And apparently I didn’t leave until 1.30 in the morning.

Her daughter, Misty Ann McCormick, said doctors initially prevented her mother from walking after the botched surgery.

She said that the doctors did not come to see her mother for several days post-op.

When Nebula Ann finally got to her mother’s room, she found her in a terrible condition.

His lips were blue, and his nose was gray. The pain of the lake was not necessary.

McCormick said that when she saw the nurse after her surgery, she said to her: ‘Oh chica, you are so modest.’

“Well, I’m 65 years old, I’m not a chica and I’m a little modest about my purpose,” the patient recalled thinking.

I was dying, I was dying.

When Misty Ann told her mother about the incident, she says she was physically removed from the premises by heavily armed men.

“I was already handcuffed, beaten with machine guns, kicked in my ribs, between my legs, (and) thrown out of the hospital body,” he said.

Once outside, she said, ‘there were probably 15 officers who ran up to that giant’ who drove her away. He said they all spoke Spanish.

There stood one with a gun towards me. I was allowed to go free, but the police did not help me.’

She added that the hospital staff further extorted her and her mother by forcing them to pay an additional $2,500 more than the cost of the procedure, saying that Kimberly stayed longer than the expected recovery time.

The two were threatened with arrest and jail if they didn’t cough up the money, and Kimberly was forced to sign a form saying that she wanted the surgery to be illegal.

Misty Ann added that once she and her mother crossed the US border, the American authorities were no longer helpful.

When we came to America, we found no help. We were laughed at by the San Diego police, who told me they were going to call the Tijuana police, who said they just put a machine gun in my cheek.

When the pair returned her to San Diego, Kimberly went to the ER to receive treatment for a serious infection she had developed after being kept in intensive care at a Mexican hospital.

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