3 prominent Republicans advocating that the GOP take a softer stance on abortion

The Republican National Committee has adopted a watered-down party platform on abortion that is consistent with President Donald Trump's position that the issue should be left up to the states and the GOP should not enforce a national abortion ban.

The 2024 Republican convention platform committee voted 84 to 18 on Monday in favor of the proposed platform during a closed session. The proposed party platform, supported by Trump, softened the GOP's language on abortion and same-sex marriage.

According to a copy of the document obtained from The Washington Post, the platform proposal says: “After 51 years, because of us, that power was given to the states and to a vote of the people.” While the document explains that the GOP will oppose late-term abortion, the party will also advocate policies that “promote prenatal care, access to contraception and IVF (fertility treatments).”

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The Republican Party's 2024 platform has drawn criticism from some pro-life leaders and organizations.

President of Family Research Council Tony Perkins said in a statement on Monday that while the 2024 platform includes campaign priorities, it is not “a statement of lasting principles for a political party.” Perkins, a member of the RNC Platform Committee from Louisiana, claimed that delegates were not given enough time to review the platform.

“Delegates were given only a few minutes of discussion before 'debate' was over and a vote was taken,” said the FRC president. “Ironically, the document calls for a vigorous defense of free speech and the end of government censorship. Deprived of the opportunity to discuss amendments to the 'draft' platform document, we submitted a minority report to complete the platform of that campaign.”

“The presentation of a minority report is further proof that the pro-life movement will continue to advance pro-life principles and policies at every level of government,” Perkins added. “The right to life transcends other political debates and the interests of anyone. and all political parties and candidates. It is truly the right without which no other right has meaning.”

Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose published a statement Monday which denounced abortion as “the intentional destruction of innocent human life”. The pro-life leader called it a “devastating indictment” of our national values ​​when no political party supports federal protections for pre-born children “targeted for death by the abortion industry.”

Rose cited the North Star, a plan supported by various pro-life groups that calls for equal protection for all under the 14th Amendment. The Live Action founder also emphasized that the 2024 platform would be the first time in decades that the GOP platform would not include language calling for national abortion restrictions.

“While the new language is correct that the '14th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that no person shall be deprived of life or liberty without due process,” it is incorrect when it says that the “power” to decide on life or death. “is given to the states and to a vote of the people,” added Rose. “When states discriminate against unborn children by denying the equal protection of their laws against homicide, they are acting unconstitutionally.”

While Trump is campaigning on the promise that he won't sign a national abortion ban, several prominent Republican lawmakers appear to have also adopted a more subtle stance on abortion.

Here are three Republicans who have taken a softer stance on abortion:

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