2024: Armed Forces chief says to redouble efforts to combat security situation

2024: Armed Forces chief says to redouble efforts to combat security situation

The Commander of the Nigeria Armed Forces Resettlement Center (NAFRC), Air Vice Marshal Adeniyi Amesinlora, has urged military personnel to redouble efforts in 2024 to address and eradicate our nation’s security challenges. I called out.

Mr. Amesinlola made the call as the Special Guest of Honor (SGOH) at the 2023 Year End Base Socio-Cultural Activities (BASA) of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Logistics Command held at the headquarters on Friday.

He said the security of Nigeria was a top priority for members of the armed forces and their families, and as such, it should be considered a very expedient routine exercise.

“We all recognize that terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, insurgency and other forms of security challenges are on the rise in various parts of the country.

“This is a hindrance to peace and economic development, and we must therefore fully fulfill our responsibility as professionally trained personnel to nip these threats in the bud.

“NAFRC continues to work with NAF and other sister agencies and security agencies to ensure that peace and tranquility reign within our areas of responsibility,” the commander said.

Amesinlora said he was very happy to be invited as the SGOH of BASA for 2023, following the directives of the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar.

He said this activity is in line with one of the key factors in realizing the NAF's CAS Command's philosophy of “maintaining a highly motivated force through enhanced welfare benefits and infrastructure renewal.” .

“Logistics Command is focused on this enabler and remains focused on its mission to provide reliable logistics in support of NAF operations towards strengthening national security,” Amesinlora said. .

The Commander said BASA provided the platform to recognize the loyalty and efforts of the personnel in the previous year to inspire them to give their best in the new year.

“If this culture is maintained within the military, it will further strengthen the morale of our members to always give their best, especially when addressing our nation's security and other challenges.

“I congratulate AVM Yaro Abdullahi and his entire staff on the several successes recorded by the Air Officer Commanding Officer (AOC) in 2023.

“This year, I pray that your abilities will be strengthened and your loyalty and accomplishments will be outstanding,” Amesinlora said.

Similarly, AOC, Logistics Command, NAF, AVM Abdullahi said that due to determined efforts in the effective implementation of logistics roles in support of NAF operations, commendable achievements were recorded in 2023. .

He said the main achievements relate to the maintenance of the platform, several completed and ongoing projects targeting human resources welfare, and, among other things, improving the working environment, which had a positive impact on the host community.

“As a military commander, I could not have accomplished all of this alone without the support and cooperation of my officers, airmen, airwomen, and civilian personnel.

“This event therefore serves as a means of recognizing the hard work and dedication shown by our personnel in the course of carrying out their duties in 2023.

“The year-end party also served as an opportunity to celebrate Base Social and Cultural Activities (BASA),” AOC said.

Abdullahi said BASA's origins began in January 1946 in Britain after World War II to honor military officers who served in the war.

“Subsequently, this activity was incorporated into the annual operations of the Nigerian Army.

He said it was “aimed at bringing together officers, airmen, female airmen and their families to strengthen existing bonds between the different ethnicities on the base.”

To commemorate the importance of this event, the AOC said it has prepared notable awards such as Officer of the Year, Officer of the Year Overall, Airman of the Year and Female Airman to motivate its personnel.

Abdullahi said that while 2023 has not been a strange time, he remains grateful to CAS for its strategic guidance to overcome some challenges.

“I therefore order the personnel of the command to resolutely fulfill their constitutional obligations that require the defense of the territorial integrity of the nation.

“We further urge you to redouble your efforts to combat insecurity and other forms of crime to protect the lives and prosperity of Lagos State and its environs,” the AOC said.

Source: guardian.ng

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