Herman Hembe

The Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate for Benue State, Herman Hembe frowned at a viral report alleging that he has endorsed the Benue State Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) candidate, Mr. Titus Uba in the governorship election in Benue state.

According to Hembe, the said endorsement came to his knowledge through sponsored radio and media announcements by the PDP that he had stepped down.

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He said “Let me state categorically that nothing in this world would make me consider joining the failed PDP, a party in government that owes 64 months of pension arrears, owes 17 months of civil servants’ salary arrears, a party that has borrowed and plunged Benue into over N180 billion in debt, a party that refused to pay bailout funds to workers and pensioners, a party that has destroyed the local government system and continues to deny that tier of government its needed autonomy. An anti-people, anti-farmer, and anti-Benue party and government.”

He said the people of Benue have appropriately rejected the PDP at the last polls and would do so again this Saturday.

“Add to the above is the fact that the PDP parades the worst gubernatorial candidate in Benue state and an exiting governor who has performed abysmally for nearly eight years and LP has nothing to do with Benue PDP or outgoing governor Samuel Ortom, and would never contemplate any such relationship. House of Assembly candidates of our party too have not, and will not step down for any party.”

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