Somadina Announces Debt EP “Heart Of The Heavenly Undeniable”

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03 November 2022   |  
1:20 pm

“A talented singer who has performed with Lady Donli, Davido and Amaarae, the young artist is one to watch.” – VOGUE

“set to shake up the industry at large” – COMPLEX

“Nigerian-based artist Somadina bleeds talent.” – RAYDAR

“I love her voice, I think she just purrs on every track that she’s on” – Clara Amfo, BBC RADIO 1

“Afrobeats needs a new hero, someone to come through and take that genre to new places…someone like Somadina can completely change that altogether”- Jack Saunders, BBC RADIO 1

Following the release of ‘Rolling Loud’, Somadina has announced her debut EP HOTHU, “Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable”, an eleven-track project which is set to be released on 23 November 2022. To mark the announcement, Somadina today releases ‘Y I Want U’, the first single from the forthcoming project.

Backed by a band of Nollywood punk inspired girls, Somadina is making music for herself and cutting straight to the point on her debut EP HOTHU. While Somadina’s music varies from track to track her unmistakable powerhouse of a voice is the ever present connection across HOTHU. The project has appearances from rising Neo-Soul artist Chi Virgo, Highlife band The Cavemen and rising pop-vocalist l0La. Somadina is uniting women to celebrate their power; it is this creation of a feeling, a mood – an undeniable energy displayed across “HOTHU” – that makes Somadina such an intoxicating proposition.

On the inspiration behind the project, Somadina says “I want women to listen to this project and feel powerful and sexy. Making this project has pushed me to grow in unimaginable ways. Over the last two years, I’ve been able to discover pockets of myself and confront the joys and traumas of my childhood and adolescence. This project is an ode to my formative years growing up in Amsterdam, my shift and love of culture coming to Nigeria, my moments of solitude and learning in the U.K. , my first taste of freedom in LA and everything else in between.”

In her 22 years, Somadina has travelled the globe, raised between the Netherlands and Nigeria before attending high school then university in the UK, she has been collecting experiences from a variety of places to call home. The genre blending nature of Somadina’s music is testament to her disparate references and ability to create her own unique sound. Highlighted on the previously released singles ‘Rolling Loud’, ‘IHY’ and ‘SUPERSOMA’ which caught the attention of Davido, who she has opened for in her birth-city, as well as Complex, Vogue, Native and New Wave Magazine who have all named her ‘One to Watch’ .

Later this month, Somadina will present an exclusive exhibition of “Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable” exclusively at Africa’s largest art fair, ART X. Created in collaboration with Nana Nyahan and Insecta Studios, fans can immerse themselves in the multisensory world of HOTHU on 6 November. Tickets available now at

Listen here.

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