Following the partnership between Nigeria’s financial institution-Providus Bank and leading beauty brand, Dabota Cosmetics, top bank executives, celebrities and friends gathered to celebrate the milestone.

Held at the bank’s executive lounge in Lekki, recently, it was a beautiful evening with hors d’oeuvre, champagne and non-stop music as the bank’s executives taking turns to speak on this partnership.

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According the founder, Dabota Cosmetics, Dabota Lawson, “the beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry that international brands are vying for major roles in. As a founder of an FDA approved beauty brand which means it can be sold and used anywhere in the world, I am ready to play big in this industry. So, it is imperative that I have a financial backer that supports the works of entrepreneurs like me. And with Providus Bank, the opportunities are limitless.”

For the bank, is not just about banking but have taken lifestyle as an integral part of their brand by creating a community with existing business owners to grow their brand and have more customers access the products.

To show more commitment with the Dabota/Providus partnership, Providus bank debit cardholders gets discounts on select Dabota cosmetics products. To ensure that payment channel using Providus bank cards are up and running.

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