Npower February Payment

Nasims Commences NPower Payment of August Stipend

In today’s latest Npower news, we will be discussing NPower batch C1 Beneficiaries’ payment of August stipends and other related subjects. So keep reading!

The Management of Npower Nasims says that following several inquiries regarding the authenticity of the August payment news widely in circulation, it has become crucial to clear the air.

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According to Nasims, beneficiaries should please accept this update as an official confirmation of the August payment in progress. Kindly note, accounts are being credited for the August payment and it’s done GRADUALLY. If your payment is PROCESSING kindly be patient and wait for your payment. Nasims said!

As regards the work Nation assessment test pop-up that earlier appeared on the Nasims portal for the exiting batch C 1 beneficiaries which you can read here Nasims Set POP Assessment Test For Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries To Access Other Exit Package

The work Nation assessment test pop-up has been taken down for now so there is no need to panic if you can’t see the pop-up on your self-service dashboard. Wait patiently for an official statement from Npower regarding that!

For the Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries, this is to remind you that work has commenced and you are by now supposed to have resumed duty and getting acclimatized with the place of your primary assignment PPA.

Failure to complete your deployment might delay your first payment. So make sure you have printed your deployment letter, signed by your focal person, and uploaded it back to the Nasims portal as required.

Furthermore, according to Nasims all beneficiaries that wish to be deployed to a different state should kindly send an email to

While beneficiaries that wish to change their Place of Primary Assignment within their state of residence should kindly fill out the deployment form on the Nasims portal, submit and await further instructions.

For further inquiries please call the Npower support team via 092203102, 018888148. Email:

Nasims Makes U-Turn Clarify Erroneous Npower August Payment News

In today’s latest Npower news, Nasims Makes U-Turn Gives Reasons For Erroneous August Payment News earlier shared. Read the details below!

In a new update given today Saturday 22nd October 2022, Nasims stated that the earlier update shared regarding August stipends payment was an error, the update was intended to give an update on payment commencement of backlogs and not the August payment.

Nasim wrote:


We sincerely apologize for the erroneous publication of the payment update.

The said publication was intended to give an update on the payment commencement of backlogs and not the August payment.

For clarity sake, this update supersedes the previous payment update. Meanwhile, the August payment is being worked on, whilst backlogs are being paid. Thank you, Nasims said.

Nasims Set POP Assessment Test For Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries To Access Other Exit Package

In today’s latest Npower news, Nasims Set POP Assessment Test For Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries To Access Other Exit Package. The passing out assessment test is called work Nation.

According to Nasims, Work Nation eligibility test, as it is a conditional requirement for your August stipend to be paid to you. Work Nation is designed to make more opportunities accessible to Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries.

The success or failure of the test does not affect your payments, Nasims stated. Beneficiaries will be directed to Click the test button in the Nasims self-service dashboard to redirect you to your test page and complete your passing out process

Nasims congratulations all batch C1 beneficiaries on reaching the concluding month of the programe, which they were selected for as a beneficiary.

Latest Npower News: Crediting of  Beneficiaries with August Stipend Payment.

The latest N Power news today is that NASIMS management has changed Npower Beneficiaries’ dashboard from pending to processing.

According to the management, the crediting of Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries’ accounts with payment of August salary will commence shortly.

The delay in the payment of the August stipend payment is a result of the widespread flood in Nigeria being handled by the ministry of humanitarian.

NASIMS management also advised that those with backlogged stipend payment issues should send their request.

The information circulating that Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries should join batch C2 in the current deployment posting letter download and upload is false, according to the management of Npower. Consequently, batch C 1 was advised to disregard any posting information. View information here Npower Responds to Rumors Regarding Batch C1 Deployment Letter Upload Extension.

 Nasims Initiates Payment Of NPower August Stipend

Nasims has finally initiated payment of the NPower August Stipend.

Newsone reports that the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), has initiated the payment of NPower August stipend to Npower beneficiaries.

This online news platform understands that in a bid to put smiles on the faces of Npower Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries, following the delay in their NPower August stipend payment, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), has announced that the process for the Npower August stipend payment has commenced today.

Newsone Nigeria reports that in the august stipend update, Nasims, the management of Npower stated that they are aware of the August long pending due to congestion of routines.

The NPower Management assured the Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries of the processing and crediting of accounts in a shortage possible time after the sort of congestion.

Newsone reports that the payment of Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries ends this year in the month beneficiaries started in 2021. If there will be an extension. Npower management will let the beneficiaries know about the development.

Npower August Stipends Payment Begins for all Batch C Beneficiaries – See Full Updates

In today’s latest Npower news, Payment Of August Npower Stipends has been Successfully Initiated and payment will begin shortly. The August Stipends payment of the Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries was initiated yesterday Tuesday 11th October 2022 and at that time, the process was still at the pending stage.

The August stipends payment seems like the final Payment to the batch C 1 beneficiaries, though they are optimistic and hoping that the management of Npower will extend their exit period beyond August. But Npower has not said anything significant regarding the extension!

Nasims however, said that they appreciate the beneficiaries’ patience so far during this moment of delay. Nasims has been working to see that all payment issues are being attended to. So wait patiently for your August payments.

This shows that the management of Npower is working hard in making sure that all outstanding payments of the stream 1 beneficiaries are cleared accordingly as they prepare for the payment of the newly deployed Batch C stream 2 beneficiaries who have just commenced duties on October 4th, 2022.

All Npower Batch C Stream 2 will soon start smiling as their payment would soon be initiated and all beneficiaries would start receiving their monthly stipend as supposed. Congratulations! to you all…

NPower Payment of August Stipend To Be Made Soon

ATTENTION: Batch C2, CATEGORY: Graduate/Non Graduate

Please note, our technical team is working to resolve all PPA-related issues, please be calm. Meanwhile, the deployment process is still ongoing, you will resume only when posted to a PPA, which we expect to be sooner than later.

Once the placement is done by the focal person, the posting will be uploaded on your dashboard under the deployment tab. Your deployment letter will be posted on your dashboard. Thank you!

Npower management also stated that the August stipend payment for the Npower batch C 1 beneficiaries will be paid soon. Once the payment process is initiated and completed, beneficiaries will receive their August Stipend.

Npower News Today On Npower Payment: July And August Stipends Payment

In today’s News, Npower July And August Stipends Payment, we will be addressing Stream 1 and stream 2 beneficiaries’ payment issues.

It seems though that Npower management has managed to pay its batch C 1 volunteers stipends of 10 months excluding the July stipend and we believe the August stipend will be paid in due time, one thing that is not certain is whether there will be an Extension of this stipend payment beyond August. Whatever it is, we will soon find out.

Though Npower June stipends have been paid, Npower is assuring beneficiaries with issues of unpaid stipends that they will be paid as backlog and all outstanding stipends will be cleared.

As usual, Npower July Stipends Payment process has commenced and soon will be followed by the August stipends payment process.

The Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development Sadiya Umar Faroug on behalf of the management and entire staff of the Ministry a few days ago convey profound gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR for his passion and commitment towards alleviating the suffering of millions of lives especially those of the poorest of the poor, the teeming youths, Persons with Disabilities and other vulnerable persons.

Latest News on Nexit Loan For Npower Batch A&B

NEXIT NEWS – According to the August 2022 Nexit news, Npower has assured Npower A and Npower B beneficiaries that the updates on NEXIT will be coming to Npower beneficiaries in a short period of time.

The beneficiaries of Npower batch A and Npower batch B who have confirmed their NEXIT training will be contacted when the list reaches the NEXIT training operators across the country, the reason why NEXIT training has not started for the second part is not only because of the NEXIT training, Npower has not yet sent the list to the NEXIT training operators.

According to the first part of the NEXIT training, all business plans have been received from the Central Bank of Nigeria, but the NEXIT loan process has not yet started, the NEXIT loan will be processed only after the second part of NEXIT , their training has been completed, and currently the second phase of NEXIT training has not started, and this is the reason why the NEXIT soft loan has not been implemented.

Npower A and Npower batch B beneficiaries are expected to receive a soft loan of up to ₦3,000,000 if they qualify, NEXIT NEXIT loan will be given to all Npower beneficiaries equal to the final loan amount included in the business plan and at the discretion of the Npower beneficiary business.

Npower Commence PPA Posting Of Batch C Stream 2 Beneficiaries

In today’s Nasims news, Npower Commence PPA Posting Of Batch C Stream 2 Beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are to check via the link below and download your PPA letter.

The management of Npower Commence PPA Posting Of Batch C Stream 2 Beneficiaries of Npower has updated the Nasims dashboard of the beneficiaries of Npower batch C2 and has advised the Beneficiaries to login into their self-service and check their place of posting.

NASIMS Updates C2 Beneficiaries On Deployment Process

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has released a new update regarding the Batch C stream 2 Deployment process which is about to commence.

According to NASIMS: “The Ministry is working with the state Focal persons to avoid posting beneficiaries to PPA’s far-off their place of residence.

Consequentially, the Posting process will begin with your state focal person after which N-power will finalize the process. Kindly wait until you are contacted by your focal person.

Kindly note, Nobody has been posted yet as the deployment process is still ongoing.
Please, keep observing your self-service portal regularly if you are a beneficiary for updates.

NASIMS Initiates Payment of Npower 2022 August Stipend

The long-awaited Npower Batch C July Stipend has been initiated as beneficiaries are set to be credited.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has disclosed that the payment of Npower 2022 July Stipend has been initiated and Crediting of Accounts is expected to follow suit as soon as possible


“Payment of June stipends has successfully been initiated, while disbursement and crediting of accounts is expected to commence shortly, we appreciate your patience so far during this moment of delay.

“Thank you!”

Furthermore, beneficiaries are to exercise patients as all outstanding stipends will be paid and it is also very important that you take your Duties at the place of your primary assessment seriously in order to gain more job experience.

Focal Person Are Responsible For Npower Batch C Stream 2 Posting – Nasims

The management of Npower Nasims in an update revealed that State Focal Persons are Responsible For Npower Batch C Stream 2 Posting.

Nasims Wrote: ATTENTION: Npower Batch C2 Beneficiaries, Please be informed that your state focal person is responsible for your PPA placement and this is done manually, after which deployment will commence. Until then, please be calm as all beneficiaries will be deployed. Thank you.

This update given by Nasims is to clarify the deployment letter of the Npower batch C stream 2.

Recall that the posting of the stream 2 Npower beneficiaries has commenced and the PPA of beneficiaries is been added on the Nasims portal gradually.

NASIMS Reassures Batch C Stream 1 That All Payment Issues Will Be Resolved

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has come out to reassure all Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries that all payment issues will be resolved and all payments will be cleared.

This was disclosed on their social media account as they urged all beneficiaries to continue to exercise patience as they are working tirelessly to resolve all payment issues.

According to NASIMS:

“Dear Npower Batch C1

Just as we had assured in time past that all failed payments from September 2021 to 2022 will be paid as backlogs, we are really working tirelessly on all payment issues to ensure they are cleared and paid out. We appreciate your patience so far and solicit more while the resolution last, as it will soon be completed.

Thank you!”

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