Some officers of the Nigeria Police Force reportedly took to their heels on Wednesday night when unknown gunmen attacked travellers in a community in Rivers State.

Headline News learnt that the hoodlums ambushed vehicles travelling along the Emuoha area of the East-West road last night, where they abducted at least nine passengers.

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According to residents, gunmen have been terrorising the Emuoha-Kalabari road in recent times, hijacking vehicles and kidnapping travellers.

A native of the Odegu community in the Emuoha Local Government Area, simply identified as Prince Chukwu, told The HeadlineNews that the latest attack happened at a boundary between Evekwu and Rumuodogo within Emohua Local Government Area of the state yesterday.

Chukwu said the gunmen intercepted the bus, ordered all passengers and the driver out of the vehicle and diverted them into a nearby bush.

According to him, before policemen responded to the incident, the hoodlums had fled with their captives.

The indigene expressed concern over the exit of the local vigilante known as the Onelga Security Peace and Advisory Committee code-named OSPAC.

He noted that crime had returned along the road since OSPAC stopped operation.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) night, they kidnapped nine people at the boundary between Evekwu and Rumuodogo.

“Before the policemen at Elibrada junction came (arrive the scene), the boys (kidnappers) have left with the boys inside the bush. Even the policemen at Rumuj ran away.

“The best solution is for the OSPAC to be brought back because they know these bad boys and the route they operate.

“Let them forget this politics they are playing and return OSPAC. That is my own advice,” Chukwu said.

The State Police Command, however, is yet to release any statement on the latest attack.

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