Former US President Donald Trump has surprisingly condemned the violence that targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while his namesake son tweeted tasteless jokes about the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi.

Trump’s statement on Monday October 31, comes as a surprise due to the fact that he and Pelosi have never hidden their dislike for each other and came to loggerheads severally during the Trump’s era as president.

“With Paul Pelosi, that’s a terrible thing, with all of them it’s a terrible thing,” Trump told Americano Media, a conservative Spanish language news site.

“Look at what’s happened to San Francisco generally. Look at what’s happening in Chicago.” he added

While most Republicans slammed the attack, Donald Trump Jr. son mocked the 82-year-old husband of Pelosi for getting his skull broken by a crazed home invader demanding to know “Where is Nancy?”

“The internet remains undefeated,” as he retweeted a “Paul Pelosi Halloween Costume” featuring a photo of a hammer and a pair of underpants on Monday October 31.

In another tweet he wrote;

”The internet remains undefeated… Also if you switch out the hammer for a red feather boa you could be Hunter Biden in an instant. ”

Furthermore, Trump Jr. sarcastically  tweeted “Ban all hammers….” in a retweet of a post urging “open carry” of hammers in San Francisco.

Police authorities said a suspect, identified as David DePape, 42, confronted Paul Pelosi in the family’s Pacific Heights home early Friday October 28.

The two men struggled over a hammer before officers responding to a 911 call to the home saw DePape strike Paul Pelosi at least once, police said. DePape was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, elder abuse and burglary.

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