Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu have set criteria for appointing cabinet members if the party wins the 2023 election.

The ruling party ahead of the 2023 presidential election has agreed not to appoint outsiders into governance.

A key member of the APC Presidential Campaign Council who spoke with Leadership on condition of anonymity said people who are willing and eligible for key positions in the administration have to meet the minimum pre-qualification.

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He disclosed that the mistake of the previous government is to appoint people who considers themselves technocrats, lacking the necessary political will to implement government policies.

The presidential campaign council member said the next cabinet members must share in the vision of the party from the start.

He said, “One of the key indicators of lapses in the past, as we observed, was the intrusion of those who consider themselves as technocrats. They were not there at the incubation point but are always eager to take up appointments in key and strategic areas.

“This alters governance in most cases as they come from outside the party and take positions of responsibility without first aligning their psyche with the party’s philosophical beacon.

“So, when they come from outside, their vision is always different and in most cases, it is made worse if such outsiders are truly from outside the country who came in for such appointments and nothing more.

“That’s why the party leadership took a holistic approach to some of the observed lapses of past experiences and came up with this firm position which the presidential candidate equally agreed to, and we believe it will endure.”

He noted that the ruling party needs to identify good hands within the party that will align with its ideas for the benefit of all.

The source added, “Again, the party and our candidate will not shortchange anyone, especially those who demonstrated seriousness in the election. This way, party leaders who are not well grounded in their respective localities and immediate environment cannot come to Abuja and hijack appointments that are key.”

He noted that someone who fails to deliver their polling unit, ward and local government should not think of a top position in governance.

The source said if APC wins in 2023, it would be operation show results from your unit, ward and local government area before any discussion about any strategic appointment.

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