As I was saying. Long before a tree falls, the bird has moved away, carrying its young ones to safety. But a man gets killed when his own house caves in. He is dense, oblivious of automatic happenings around him. He is unaware of the Law of Movement. Consequently, he violates it. But life is motion. Any man who cannot keep the rhythm of creation will be thrown off. They will not be able to pick the signs being beamed to them by elemental beings warning them of approaching dangers because he has closed himself to them and their activities.

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It is man’s fault that he can no longer sense the animistic and spiritual helps which surrounding him. He fell following lopsided development of his brains, such that one is large and the other is small. The small one is the spiritually receptive part. This is what he needs for cultivation of character, but the large frontal part, the seat of the intellect is to facilitate material life. Since priority is given to the pursuits of material gains, it follows that the spiritual life has declined has declined—in spite of multiplicity of churches and mosques, and material pursuits are on the increase. Hence disorder in the entire world.

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Aside from warning from these beings, another help afforded man is his intuitive ability. This is a faculty with which women are more endowed than men. It is also known as the sixth sense. It is a special gift given to them to guide and protect their society such that were a disaster to be in the offing, about three years away, it can be sensed in advance by women so that the community can guide themselves against it. But the women with useless pursuits and ephemeralities, hankering to be presidents, governors, ministers, commissioners, boxers, footballers, fast runners for laurels and wrestlers –all of which are coarse activities.

The vehicle for governorship, ministers and commissioners is affirmative action. They thus change their womanly nature and therefore subvert their abilities to work in the world as women. They have no business with any of these pursuits which are praised and celebrated all over the world. They have forgotten their tasks which are to guide their society, and protect them, to ennoble and constitute the driving force for upbuilding development. Their task to turn the gaze of men upwards to the Light, mediating Light Power of the Almighty Creator to men!

The so-called disasters, painful as they are, devastating as they have been, are the faults of men. There are no disasters, but human ignorance and failings.

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