The disagreeable guest

Let’s imagine: A guest visits a house. His hosts are hospitable and helpful. The table is laden, and the order in the house is soothing and welcoming, indeed, pleasing to the eye. It is agreeable. That house provides the security and comfort for all those who may shelter in it. But there is this guest: As soon as he settles in, he starts to disarrange the order of in the home, re-arranges the chairs, damages property, tampers with the electrical switch and causes damage to other property and misuses others. All entreaties to him to respect the order, rules and regulations in the house by his hosts fell on deaf ears. It is quite certain that before long the landlord will ask him to move out of the house. The guest is expelled so that order, joy and peace may return to the house and its inhabitants.

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Consider a guest of a country who breaks the rules of the land, inflicts economic adversity or political disharmony on the country. He will be considered a disagreeable guest who drags in the mud the values the people a town holds dear. He will be regarded a disturbing guest who engages in gun running and organises the destruction of property, vegetation and pollutes the rivers.

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We are quick to raise an alarm when guests in our midst conduct themselves in a manner that violates the generally-accepted practice and norms. A young family was relocating from a neighbourhood recently. They put a for-sale notice on the gate. When the owner was admonished to let out the property “for you never know, the way things are going in the country.” The man said it was better to sell it than put tenants there who would keep misusing the house and damaging it, and causing us to spend more money in renovating it every time!” The reality of the house being damaged sent me to deeply reflect on man and our world!

In Europe and America there are complaints galore that some Nigerians do not comport themselves. There is sharp reproach and disapproval. In some cases, some of them are deported. In 1982 and 1984, Nigerian authorities themselves kicked out foreigners largely from West African countries accused of robbery and aggravated unemployment in the land. Such is the discomfort and pain a disagreeable guest causes for the host. And what pain and destruction do we human beings inflict upon the world generally? Not many people care and feel concerned about the devastation sweeping through different parts of the world.

It is hardly sensed that human beings are guests in this world. We human beings can’t be any other thing than guests. Human beings did not create the world nor do they own it. It stands to reason, therefore, that they can only have been guests. And let’s go into the records. The records show that long before human beings set foot on the face of earth plane, there had been animals. Before animals, there were plants and grasses. It is in fact revealed today that when man first appeared on earth, the earth had travelled half its journey in the same manner that it is when a pregnancy has gone half-way that the soul takes possession of the womb as all women who had had the experience would tell you.

Man is a guest—his home in distant region high, high up! But what he has made of the world is plain for all to see. He has broken loose like a wild beast in a well kept garden. A fierce storm is raging in Eastern Europe the end of which no one can predict. The planners of the war, the protagonists, are concerned primarily with the weapons and the objectives of the war. Scarcely did they reckon with other forces and the damage attendant to war. Air and water are polluted. Mindless killings and destruction in unimaginable scale has been the order of the day for eight months and yet light is not flickering at the end of a long dreadful tunnel. I am referring to the Ukraine-Russian war.

Barely two months into the war the United States President, Mr. Joe Biden, rallied the Western world, the NATO allies in particular to come to the aid of Ukraine. On the US part, he asked Congress for $33 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, although he said America was not attacking Russia. The money was to cover the military, economic and humanitarian support for Ukraine that was at the receiving end of the aggression. The Russian attack arose out of suspicion that Ukraine was nursing the idea of joining NATO. It was feared that the membership would attract Ukraine borders being lined by NATO forces which President Vladimir Putin considered inimical to Russian security. The support Mr. Biden asked from the Congress was broken down as $20bn in military aid, $8.5bn in economic and $3bn in humanitarian assistance. He said on the occasion: “It’s not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen.

According to publications, the United States military support has so far come to 10 anti-tank weapons for every tank Russian has deployed, thus baring its fangs. In response to Russian threat of possibility of “serious” risk of nuclear war over Ukraine, Mr. Biden said: “We will not let Russia intimidate or blackmail their way out of these sanctions. We will not allow them to use their oil and gas to avoid the consequences of their aggression.” This was at the time Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria and also at a time the Congress had geared up to bankroll military support even if it was at the expense of domestic pressing priorities Mr. Biden was grappling with. When the war broke out, the first tranche of funds Mr. Biden asked to be released was $3.7bn. He dispatched 100,000 troops to NATO. Economic sanctions were imposed against Russia and assets of members of Russian Establishment were frozen and travel bans placed on senior government functionaries. EU collectively froze more than $30bn. The sanctions are to allow the US to use the funds from confiscated assets “remediate harms of Russian aggression in Ukraine.” Canada lined behind the United States, pushing for seizure and disposal of Russian assets—“any type of property” including money and digital assets. France provided security assistance to Ukraine.

At the end of last month, (September), Biden pledged assistance to Sweden and Finland. He slammed fresh sanctions on Russian officials and companies and dangled the Sword of Damocles on foreign business concerns found aiding the Russian military. The Washington Post in its editorial quoted online states: “Even if Russia were to withdraw now, Ukraine would remain indebted …of 9bn Euros to close Ukraine’s monthly budget gaps.” The editorial goes on: “Eight months of war have rendered the country a physical, financial and economic basket case.

“Millions of refugees have fled, the country’s gross domestic product has shrunk by about one-third, and the government, its budget depleted by the war, runs monthly deficits of $4 billion or more—mainly financed by Western grants, a lifeline for teachers, retirees living on pensions and millions of others. Even if Russia were to withdraw now, Ukraine would remain enfeebled for years. Before President Vladimir Putin rained missiles on Ukraine power plants and other facilities this month, the cost of repairing damage to the country’s critical infrastructure had already been estimated at nearly $200billion, according to a study by the Kyiv School of Economics. And that is just a fraction of the overall wreckage wrought by Moscow’s indiscriminate attacks. Rebuilding the country among Europe’s biggest by population and area, will be a generational undertaking.”

I have gone this far to show the evil of wars. The war mongers and those who rejoice or get entertained by the hostilities and display of weapons scarcely know how much burden they have heaped on themselves. The full implications will dawn on them when they discard their earthly garment and only their souls enter the beyond. On the souls are inscribed all the dross one has gathered during his sojourn on earth as a guest. The soul is the page of the proverbial Book of Life which contains all the names of all human beings. A soul goes up climbing the heights or goes down to the hellish dark region, each according to what he has inscribed on his own page and the consequent weight in accordance with the self-enforcing Law of Spiritual Gravitation and Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species. A great many have prepared their own path to thousands of years of unspeakable torment, or everlasting damnation.

There is unrest everywhere. Consider this, the Taliban government has shut down schools for girls in Afghanistan barely a year upon regaining power after years of war. The parents of the girls are up in arms in protest against the closure of the educational facilities. In the developed world, protests against rising prices and taxes! The list is endless. It is palpable crisis of humanity. What is the way out of the present chaos and confusion? The question will be asked again and again. As the world may not be paying attention to the solution, the crisis escalates.

It is impossible not to be a disagreeable guest without arming oneself with an adequate and true knowledge of Creation and the mechanisms that govern it. How can a person live in a country without coming to harm sooner than later if he lacks the awareness of the laws of there, and without a conscious effort to obey them? Laws of Nature govern the entire world. They alone express the Will of the Maker. It is to them a nation’s laws must be subjugated to have enduring values and protection and for them to be just. As we are in the age of enlightenment mercifully permitted at this time, everyone may well avail himself of knowledge of truths of life and existence spreading today.

As I was reflecting on the subject of today, a friend forwarded the following to me: Captioned “The Sinking Titanic,” it reads:
“Major wars on the horizon.
Major financial capitulations in Europe,
North American and elsewhere
Are occurring now.
“Food and water are becoming scarce
In many parts of the world.
Earthquakes, flooding and strange weather patterns
Are being perceived throughout the world.
But the majority of the masses
Continue to allow themselves
To be guided
By age-long ignorance.
“For the problem this country, And indeed the whole world
Currently has
Is not so much a debt in financial matters,
But a debt in spiritual matters
“The current amount of sin in the world,
The amount of immoral thought and behaviour
Is what should truly be of concern
To peoples and nations.
“For it has always been
That a moral demise,
Always, always, precedes
The ultimate demise
Of nations,
Of peoples.
“Not just today,
But always
Has this been the case.
“But our leaders,
At best,
Are only interested
“In rearranging the deck chairs as
The Titanic continues to sink
Beneath the waves
Of spiritual decadence.”

With devastations and wars going on relentlessly, man has proven beyond argument that he is a disagreeable guest. What happens to a disagreeable guest is inevitably sweeping through the world: Expulsion. Purification is raging, expressed in wars, earthquakes, floods, diseases, and all such catastrophes. All that is dead in everyone is being awakened, animated, and strengthened with increased power permeating the universe at this time so that what is disturbing and pestilential can be torn down and annihilated in order to free our universe of disagreeable guests. The world may be witnessing the beginning of a fearsome harvest, indeed.
The Titanic is sinking!

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