16-year-old girl arrested for dumping her newborn baby inside pit toilet

16-year-old girl arrested for throwing her newborn baby down a toilet

Authorities in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, have recovered the body of a newborn baby thrown into a latrine by a 16-year-old mother.

IPSS Rescue responded in conjunction with the Umhlali South African Police Service (SAPS) Search and Rescue K9 unit after receiving reports that a baby was thrown into the two meter deep toilet in Maphumulo on Friday, January 5 2024.

According to emergency teams, the teenager hid the baby inside a package after giving birth and threw it into an abandoned latrine in the iLembe district.

“Reports from the scene indicate that a 16-year-old girl allegedly hid the birth of a baby and discarded it in an abandoned 2-meter-deep latrine in a neighbor's backyard, after placing it in a plastic package,” said IPSS Rescue. it says.

“The package containing the newborn’s body was successfully recovered from the latrine,”

According to the Maphumulo Local Municipality, the area is predominantly rural.

Police recovered the baby's body as part of the investigation and arrested the teenager and her mother.

Spokesperson for South African Police Service (SAPS) officials in Maphumulo, KZN, Colonel Robert Netshiunda, who confirmed the incident on Saturday, said they are investigating a case of concealment of birth.

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