16 days of action: WARDC urges government to take action to enforce VAPP law

16 days of action: WARDC urges government to take action to enforce VAPP law

The Women’s Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC) urges governments at all levels to ensure strict implementation of the Interpersonal Violence Prohibition Act (VAPP) to prevent incidents of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). I asked for it.

The Founder and Executive Director of WARDC, Dr. Abiola Akiyode Afolabi, made this call in a communiqué in Abuja.

He noted that the implementation of the VAPP Act across Nigeria, alongside resource investments, is a sign of political will to curb the root causes of SGBV.

Dr. Akiyode Afolabi points out: Gender-based violence.

“This year’s theme emphasizes the imperative to invest in proactive measures that can effectively prevent violence against women and girls.

“WARDC recognizes the importance of fostering a world in which all women and girls can live free from fear, intimidation, and violence. We support advocacy, legal assistance, research, and documentation. Through our unwavering commitment, we seek to shed light on the complex dynamics of gender-based violence and provide valuable insights that inform policy and intervention.”

It also called on stakeholders to raise standards in preventing tragedies, saying: “Investing in prevention means tackling root causes, dismantling harmful stereotypes, and empowering individuals and communities to actively reject violence.” means to do so.

“By supporting education, advocacy and awareness, we help create a society where equality is not just an ideal but a reality.

“During these 16 days of action, WARDC will participate in a series of events, webinars, and awareness campaigns to spread the message of solidarity against gender-based violence. We encourage our communities, stakeholders, and partners to: We invite you to join us in this collective effort to build a world where all women and girls can grow up without fear of violence.

“Let us come together and invest in a future where the rights and dignity of women and girls are protected and where gender-based violence is an unacceptable relic of the past.”

Source: guardian.ng

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